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Just Call Me Insane is currently a one-lady band who you can refer to as Missy, or Insane, or whatever crazy name you can come up with. I'll roll with it. I currently offer commissions, but if you want to know what else I've been up to check out the links to the right! I got quite a bit going on.

If you need a break from art, check out my stories!

Death at Shadow's Edge     Story in progress, updated once a month.
Latimer is a freelance paranormal investigator. On a day that started off bad, he discovered how much worse it could be. Strangers from another world are suddenly in contact with him and are in awe he has power like them. Yet when he uses it to bring a young woman back to life he attracts the attention of their leader, an inhuman woman who is out for blood.

Selendra's Song     Story in progress, updated once a month.
A mermaid is convinced she will be infertile for her entire life. As a result, she leaves home during a season where many of her people try to conceive in order to avoid the emotional pain. While away she realizes for the first time in decades, she is showing signs of being able to have a child of her own. Only now she must find a male to mate with before her chance is gone.